Public Safety

In an effort to make Studio City a safer community, the Studio City Residents Association has developed the Partners Against Crime program, a community partnership between residents and the Los Angeles Police Department. The success of the program relies on active participation by both residents and the LAPD and requires all involved to openly communicate concerns and generate ideas on how to solve crime issues in our neighborhoods.


Partnering with the LAPD

Our Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Senior Lead Officer for Studio City,  Officer Shawn Smith, reports recent Studio City crimes at each SCRA Community Meeting, attends Neighborhood Watch meetings throughout the area, and provides valuable information to help residents safeguard themselves from crime. Senior Lead Officer Kurtis Delbar, who covers the easternmost part of Studio City, also attends Neighborhood Watch meetings throughout the area and provides valuable information to help residents safeguard themselves from crime. Residents can contact either Senior Lead Officer with concerns or to request their presence at a Neighborhood Watch meeting.


Studio City Senior Lead Officer
Shawn Smith
Department Cell Phone: (818) 634-2593

Studio City Senior Lead Officer 
Kurtis Delbar
Department Cell Phone: (424) 267-9558


Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch programs are the most effective means of keeping crime out of neighborhoods. It relies on the best crime fighting tool ever invented, the good neighbor. Neighbors working together with the LAPD are a formidable crime fighting team.

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch in your area, contact your LAPD Senior Lead Officer for Studio City, visit the LAPD Neighborhood Watch website for more information or complete and return the form Neighborhood Watch – Please Contact Me.


Los Angeles Police Department (North Hollywood Division Phone List)
Emergency 911
Non-Emergency (877) ASK-LAPD
Ask LAPD (877) 275-5273
Community Relations Office (818) 754-8470
Senior Lead Officers (818) 754-8358
Front Desk (Reports) (818) 754-8300
Front Desk  TDD/TTY (818) 756-9035
Website : North Hollywood Community Police Station  

UPDATE : MTA Security

The LAPD will take over security for the MTA subway and buses in the
city of Los Angeles phasing in until the hand over date of July 1,
2017. There have been complaints by riders of no police presence
while the sheriff’s department has had the contract. Deputy Chief
Robert Green of LAPD Operations Valley Bureau has been promoted to
head this detail. They will be using 140 officers who volunteer for
extra pay and duty on their days off or vacation. This will give them
extra police in the event of a crisis in the city that can be
deployed to help. Otherwise they will be providing security for the
MTA system. Riders going to other cities such as Long Beach will find
security either provided by that city or by the LA County Sheriff’s
        The Universal City/Studio City Red Line station will be included in
this new security detail as will all Red Line stations. The Studio
City station has a “kiss and ride” area where cars can parked for a
short time to either drop off or pick up MTA riders in addition to
the parking lot areas.