Parks & Programs

To view the full FIRST STEP Developing and Urban Forest Management Plan for the City of Los Angeles, click on the following link:  First Step Document.


Studio City is fortunate to have within its boundaries five magnificent public parks for recreational and outdoor activities.


Studio City Recreation Center (Beeman Park)
12621 Rye St.
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 769-4415

Most of Studio City’s sport programs and recreation classes for children, teens, adults, and seniors are located at Studio City Recreation Center/Beeman Park. Co-ed youth sports programs include baseball, basketball, soccer, and flag football. A wide array of classes is also available, including sports clinics, dance, self-defense, doubles tennis for seniors, and senior exercise. The Rec Center also provides a pre-school program, and a winter and summer camp.

Facility highlights at Beeman Park include a jogging path with a PAR Course (also known as a fitness trail), an auditorium, barbecue pits, four baseball diamonds, outdoor basketball courts, two play areas, picnic tables, four tennis courts, and legacy gymnastic equipment.


  Studio City Recreation and Parks (Beeman Park) announces two New Tennis Programs
     Age 50+ Tuesday Tennis. Tuesdays from 8:30AM to10:30AM.
     It is open to anyone 50 years and older: It is not a class but you will need to play tennis doubles. It is just competitive enough to give everyone a good game but generous enough to give the opponents the benefit of the doubt on those “iffy” line calls. All you need to do is bring a racquet, the partners and the tennis balls will be provided. $16 Membership fee per month.
     Friday Invitational Doubles Tennis (for 3.5 level or higher) Fridays from 8:30AM to 10:30AM
     Partners and the tennis balls provided. $24 Membership Fee per month.
     For more information, contact
    Sharon Crigler at (818) 985-6236 OR

 Moorpark Park
12061 Moorpark St.
Studio City, CA 91604

Moorpark Park is unstaffed. It features a safety fenced child’s play area, and spacious green space for picnics or play. It is the location of the Studio City Rotary Club’s periodic Art and Crafts Show. No restrooms.


Woodbridge Park
11240 Moorpark St.
Studio City, CA 91602

Woodbridge Park is unstaffed. It features a separate toddler play area, shade canopies for parents and caregivers, chess tables and picnic gazeboes. Woodbridge also features a jogging path, a large play area for children, beautiful landscaping, and two large, grassy fields. No restrooms.


Coldwater Canyon Park
12601 Mulholland Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Up at the top of the hill at Coldwater Canyon Boulevard and Mulholland Drive (on the eastern side of Coldwater) is Coldwater Canyon Park, the home of the TreePeople. TreePeople is an environmental nonprofit organization that unites the power of trees, people and technology to grow a sustainable future for Los Angeles.

With more than 70,000 visitors each year, TreePeople offers a multitude of nature, environmental, and forestry programs and demonstrations available for schools, youth groups, and individuals in its Center for Community Forestry.


Wilacre Park in Fryman Canyon
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
3431 Fryman Road
Studio City, CA 91604

The 128-acre Wilacre Park provides access to the Betty B. Dearing trail and the Cross Mountain Park trail system to Fryman Canyon Park, Coldwater Canyon Park, and Franklin Canyon Park. It is a local favorite for hikers, nature lovers, and dog walkers of all ages, and highlighted as a destination in many travel books about Los Angeles and Southern California.

The parking lot is located on the NW corner of Fryman Road and Laurel Canyon Blvd. (You can also park at TreePeople.) Please be aware: Wilacre Park is located in the middle of a residential neighborhood. We ask everyone to please respect the neighbor privacy, property, landscaping, and boundaries.


The Village Gardeners of The Los Angeles River
Valleyheart Dr. between Fulton and Coldwater Canyon Avenues

Walk, jog, or bike the south bank of the Los Angeles River which can be accessed on both side of Laurel Canyon Blvd. at the Los Angeles river, Whitsett Avenue and the eastern side of Fulton Ave. at the river. The section between Coldwater Canyon Blvd. and Fulton Ave. is where you will find The Village Gardeners of The Los Angeles River and the Richard Lillard Outdoor Classroom.