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Alan Dymond

Comments From the President

By Alan Dymond


In 2017 the Weddington Golf and Tennis property changed hands to Harvard Westlake purportedly for the school’s athletic purposes. The acquisition was viewed with mixed feelings by those who worked to keep the facilities available to the public as was envisioned and instituted by the Weddington Family 18 years ago. It appeared to be a positive move as the property would no longer be rezoned for condominiums, It could remain as open space available to the public to some extent. When the use of the property has been defined by the school for whatever purpose, private, public and otherwise plus the size of the facilities, structures and their uses are made known, the interests and concerns of the surrounding neighborhoods will be part of the balance between the schools needs and the local affected communities.

In a related matter, the application for a parking structure on Coldwater Canyon with a sports field on top was withdrawn by Harvard-Westlake. SCRA opposed this project because many its members, their neighbors and others would be heavily impacted by such a development. To date no further movement subsequent to the withdrawal of the application has taken place. SCRA will continue to monitor this situation. .

Burbank Airport. There is no clear path how proceed administratively on resolving the noise impacts form jets departing the airport. Other reliable sources may release current status as will the SCRA upon confirmation. In the meantime the SCRA calls for an Environmental Impact Statement drafted by the FAA with the ultimate goal that the NexGen flight control system incorporates the principal that no one neighborhood should bear the brunt of the noise generated by jets taking off from Burbank.

The Southeast Valley Community Plans Update is in the works. The SCRA sent a letter requesting the Planning Department to consider including the multi-family residential properties and commercial properties sections from the 2008 Studio City Overlay. The SCRA has requested that multi-family residential properties and commercial properties in Studio City mirror the zoning that is in place in Valley Village as to height and floor-to-area ratio.

In another matter, the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association (SOHA), reached out to SCRA to join a unified Valley-wide effort to address the reintroduction of California Senate Bill 827 that purported to alleviate the affordable housing shortage in California by allowing four to five-story apartment buildings in single family neighborhoods. SCRA opposed the original bill while understanding the need for affordable housing. SCRA has accepted SOHA invitation to join and will be part of the process.


 Board Activities

The SCRA board meets on the first Tuesday each month. Members are welcome. Please call the SCRA office (818) 509-0230 for meeting time and place.

Volunteers Requested

SCRA activities: additional volunteers are most welcome. Here are some categories that may be of interest. 

  • Be briefed and attend selected meetings and report back. Initially attend several trial runs on meetings that are relevant to Studio City residents
  • Under direction, interface with offices of local political leaders on specific issues that need resolution and other city agencies.
  • Assist in the administration of SCRA website and Face book to keep current and refreshed.
  • Liaison to local schools, the Hillside Federation, the Police Activity League, and Crime and Safety committees
  • Assist in the publication of the bi-monthly SCRA newsletter. Generate sources for articles, proof read and editing.
  • Keep members informed through e-blasts
  • Work on issues in local neighborhoods
  • And much, much more!
Studio City Farmers Market

The SCRA manages the Studio City Farmers Market along with the Studio City Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Proceeds from the Market go back into the community with charitable donations to schools, other non-profits and dollars to ensure the Studio City Beautification Association can maintain improvement projects, along with many other community benefits.


Bi-monthly, the SCRA publishes a newsletter to keep its members fully informed. The newsletter discusses SCRA’s activities behind-the-scenes, answers members’ questions, and updates members on ongoing issues and reports on what to watch for in the future. SCRA welcomes articles of interest, Op Ed pieces. Please contact the SCRA for guidelines.  

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