About the Organization

Our Mission Statement

The Studio City Residents Association (SCRA) is an all-volunteer membership organization that advocates for and enhances the quality of life in Studio City. The SCRA’s volunteers educate our members and create a platform for the interests, concerns and passions regarding the Studio City community.

Our Purpose

The SCRA is registered as a not-for-profit corporation as of September 1977. Its articles of incorporation confirm that the specific and primary purpose of the SCRA is the education of its membership on issues that affect their property and well-being and to inform public officials and departments of its members’ perspectives on those issues.

The SCRA is the only organization in Studio City solely dedicated to working on behalf of its residents, who are homeowners, condo owners or renters. The SCRA also endeavors to provide a platform for the interests, concerns and passions of its members pertaining to quality of life issues in Studio City. The SCRA currently has 1,200 households as members, representing an estimated 2,400 residents in Studio City.

SCRA volunteers attend hearings, meet with local elected officials, distribute breaking news on issues impacting residents, produce a bi-monthly community newsletter and carry out many other activities on behalf of its members. The SCRA is proud to have created and launched two separate non-profit organizations that remain its sister associations: Studio City Beautification Association and Save Los Angeles River Open Space.

The SCRA is highly engaged in areas of importance to its members including:

Cultivating Community for 60 years and counting…