Burbank Airport Update

Important local resources, and what you can do to make a difference   Recent FAA changes to Hollywood Burbank Airport flight paths have resulted in drastic noise, health and safety impacts to neighborhoods, schools and businesses in the Valley. These changes were implemented with no notice to affected residents and …

Request by City Attorney, Councilmembers Krekorian and Ryu to extend comment period and FAA noise analysis

Click the link below to see letter from Los Angeles City Attorney Michael Feuer, Councilmembers Krekorian and Ryu to the FAA requesting an extension of the public comment period for the Draft Environmental Review.  Letter to FAA    

Burbank Airport Update on scheduling the PUBLIC MEETING On the Final Report

The Airport Authority has advised the scheduling of a special meeting of the Operations & Development Committee for a presentation of Landrum & Brown’s final report regarding the FAA’s implementation of NextGen in the Southern California Metroplex.  As with the March 29th special meeting, this meeting will be on a Thursday evening …

Harvard-Westlake Presentation on Weddington Golf and Tennis Acquisition

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Board Meeting December 11, 2017 Presentation by Harvard-Westlake on Weddington Golf and Tennis Acquisition As most members are aware, Harvard-Westlake is in escrow to purchase the Weddington Golf and Tennis property. On Monday evening, December 11, the SCRA and Save LA River Open Space boards, along …

Encounters with Coyotes

LA Animal Services has a number of brochures available regarding encounters with various wildlife. You can find all the brochures at :http://www.laanimalservices.com/about-animals/wildlife/ .  Click on the following link for the one specifically about coyotes,  Encounters with Coyotes.

Construction Permits

To check out construction permits in your area, go to :  https://www.ladbsservices2.lacity.org/OnlineServices/.  Click on the ‘Permit and Inspection Report’ option and choose your specific search option.  Available searches are by : Single Address Search, Address Range Search, or Other Searches.