Burbank Airport Update on scheduling the PUBLIC MEETING On the Final Report

The Airport Authority has advised the scheduling of a special meeting of the Operations & Development Committee for a presentation of Landrum & Brown’s final report regarding the FAA’s implementation of NextGen in the Southern California Metroplex.  As with the March 29th special meeting, this meeting will be on a Thursday evening …

Harvard-Westlake Presentation on Weddington Golf and Tennis Acquisition

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Board Meeting December 11, 2017 Presentation by Harvard-Westlake on Weddington Golf and Tennis Acquisition As most members are aware, Harvard-Westlake is in escrow to purchase the Weddington Golf and Tennis property. On Monday evening, December 11, the SCRA and Save LA River Open Space boards, along …

Encounters with Coyotes

LA Animal Services has a number of brochures available regarding encounters with various wildlife. You can find all the brochures at :http://www.laanimalservices.com/about-animals/wildlife/ .  Click on the following link for the one specifically about coyotes,  Encounters with Coyotes.

Construction Permits

To check out construction permits in your area, go to :  https://www.ladbsservices2.lacity.org/OnlineServices/.  Click on the ‘Permit and Inspection Report’ option and choose your specific search option.  Available searches are by : Single Address Search, Address Range Search, or Other Searches.