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Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Board Meeting
December 11, 2017

Presentation by Harvard-Westlake on
Weddington Golf and Tennis Acquisition

As most members are aware, Harvard-Westlake is in escrow to purchase the Weddington Golf and Tennis property.

On Monday evening, December 11, the SCRA and Save LA River Open Space boards, along with Save Coldwater Canyon, attended a regularly scheduled Board meeting of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC) to address Agenda Item 10: “Presentation of Harvard-Westlake School concerning revised plans and acquisition of Weddington Golf Course property, Studio City.”

Leaders from both SCRA and SLAROS spoke, emphasizing the importance of preserving open space with public access. Save Coldwater Canyon requested that Harvard-Westlake ease the fear in the community about their future plans to build the parking structure on Coldwater Canyon.

Harvard-Westlake’s presentation consisted of a testimonial by an employee and former graduate about the impact the school has had on his life, and a video of current students participating in community projects.

The SMMC Board nor the other three boards received any information on the proposed plans or goals of Harvard-Westlake for the Weddington property nor has confirmation that the plans for the parking structure at Coldwater been abandoned.

Harvard-Westlake said they were there to “listen” and wanted to continue “listening” to the neighbors. Harvard-Westlake has copies of SLAROS’s “LA River Natural Park Vision Plan,” and Alan Dymond encouraged them to read and become acquainted with it. The LA River Natural Park Plan is a regional park and water reclamation concept for the Weddington site that has garnered wide support from residents, river groups and elected officials throughout the city for its vision to protect and restore the unique LA River open space attributes of this property.

SMMC Board Member Steve Veres requested that SMMC, as well as LA Metro, play an important role in the process going forward.

No motion was taken by the SMMC Board.

On October 30, 2017 Harvard Westlake announced they had agreed with Weddington Golf and Tennis to purchase the Weddington Golf and Tennis site that presently is designated as open space, open to the public.  

As stated in the release: “The Weddington property acquisition will enable HarvardWestlake to re-evaluate the Parking, Safety & Athletic Improvement (PSA) Project that the school has proposed on land it owns just west of Coldwater Canyon across from the upper school campus.”  In other words, the Coldwater facilities could be transferred from the Coldwater site to the Weddington Golf and Tennis site. 

A request was made to Harvard Westlake president and Head of School asking what facilities from Coldwater are planned for the Weddington site and were any additional facilities to be installed? To date, SCRA has not received any response other than a call from the Head of School asking what our concerns are but he could not say what the goals or plans are. Until such time information as requested is made known to SCRA, and our members and other local organizations are fully informed, then SCRA position remains consistent.  Open space, open to the public.

 As a refresher and for our new members, from the late 70’s this property has remained open to the public. The Los Angeles River Natural Park was proposed and technical studies conducted that passed independent analysis. The proposed park conforms and is consistent with the goals and principles laid out in the LA River Index and will become part of and join in the Los Angeles River revitalization.  The L.A. River Greenway that is immediately adjacent to Weddington Golf and Tennis will allow many to enjoy the river close up and connects Studio City to the revitalization of the Los Angeles River 51 mile greenway/bikeway. 

Going forward. It is important that our member’s voices and all others are heard on the fate of this Open Space.  

Alan Dymond, President


The Studio City Chamber, in conjunction with the Sherman Oaks East Valley Adult Center, is once again sponsoring Adopt a Senior for the Holidays, an opportunity for businesses and individuals to make a difference this holiday season for a senior in need. To sign up, click here Adopt a Senior Flyer-2017



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The landscaper for Studio City Beautification Association  reported that about 20 plants have been stolen from their freshly planted median on Moorpark just south of Moorpark Park in the 11954 to 12054 block of Moorpark Street.

Information that can help to identify the thieves or if anyone has camera images please contact the SCBA at 818 509-0230 or SCRABoard@studiocityresidents.org


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