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The Winter Family Festival is fast approaching , be sure to invite your family and friends to join us at this year’s festivities.


Click here to send them an invite through Facebook    OR  Print out our Winter Family Festival Flyer  and give it to them.


If you would like to view the letter detailing our comments on the DEIR, click on the following link :  SCRA SLAROS Comments on Studio City Senior Living Center DEIR

To facilitate your review of this letter, a Table of Contents has been provided.  You will still need to click on the above link to view the letter in detail, but the Table of Contents will direct you to specific pages of interest.   Click on the following link :  DEIR Comment Letter TABLE OF CONTENTS

The attachments to the letter can be viewed by  clicking on the following link : Attachments to SCRA SLAROS DEIR Comment Letter


Hello Supporters,

 Thank you for attending the Special SCNC meeting on Sept. 8.  The huge 350+ turnout had the desired impact on the Neighborhood Council boardmembers and on the owner’s representatives.  Not one attendee spoke in support of the owner’s project.


Important Next Steps:

 PLEASE click on this link :  Krekorian postcard, print it out, fill in the information, put in an envelope with stamp and then mail it to:


Studio City Residents Association (SCRA)

P.O.Box 1374

Studio City, CA 91614


*Only do so if you haven’t already filled out a postcard.  We’re collecting them to give to Councilmember Krekorian.  We must let him know we oppose the zone change at Weddington Golf and Tennis!


Thank you!!

The following link will direct you to the SCNC website and their response to the Studio City Living Center DEIR.

SCNC Response to DEIR

Click on the following link to view the handout prepared by Community Conservation Solutions.  This document highlights the impact that this project will have on our community and also provides key points that you should consider including in your letters opposing this project.  Impacts & How to Comment 2014-09-08