SCRA Community Meetings

SCRA Community Meetings

Join us for our next community meeting where you can voice your concerns to our elected politicians, business leaders, school officials and a variety of government departments and organizations. Make friends, have coffee and let your voice be heard!

Thinking of planting a tree ?

Planting trees on your own private property? If so, LA City’s Street Tree Selection Guide is an excellent source. You will find information on height, spacing, drought toleracy, crown spread, and much more. This guide can be found at :…/StreetTreeSelectionGuide.htm. If you are planning on planting trees in parkways …

Message From NBC Universal

NBCUniversal To: Neighbors  Date: April 13, 2015  From: NBCUniversal Community Information Line  As you are aware, NBCUniversal, in coordination with Caltrans, is building a new US 101 Southbound on-ramp at Universal Studios Boulevard and we want to make sure that the communities surrounding the project area have the most up-to-date …

Postcard for Krekorian

Hello Supporters,  Thank you for attending the Special SCNC meeting on Sept. 8.  The huge 350+ turnout had the desired impact on the Neighborhood Council boardmembers and on the owner’s representatives.  Not one attendee spoke in support of the owner’s project.   Important Next Steps:  PLEASE click on this link …

Help Protect this Beauty !

The following film clip showcases both the beauty of Weddington Golf & Tennis and its current plight. We MUST protect this Open Space. Click here to view :  Short Film showing Weddington Golf & Tennis   Youtube film courtesy of Amy Goodrich.