In order to keep Studio City a desirable place in which to live and to do business, the Studio City Residents Association (SCRA) is continually vigilant and monitors development proposals to build oversized development, or the right development on the wrong site. The SCRA works with developers to help create the best project for Studio City residents and businesses. The SCRA can help facilitate meetings between neighbors and developers to help find a solution that works for all involved. To help ensure the best results, the SCRA has joined the legal process by appealing decisions at the South Valley Area Planning Commission and at the Downtown level.

In 2004, large mansions were being built next to small single story homes in our community. The SCRA stepped in and, with the help of our councilmember, created a workable solution to protect residents with a Ratio to Floor Area ordinance (RFA). The RFA limits the square footage of the house to the lot size. The RFA addresses many aesthetic elements such as articulation, sloped roof, limited balconies overlooking neighbors and other requirements. The RFA is in effect for non-hillside residential lots (see map with ordinance).

Ordinance / Residential Floor Area (RFA)

The City of Los Angeles has enacted the Baseline Hillside Ordinance and the SCRA is currently working on an ordinance to govern commercial buildings such as apartments and condominiums.

Baseline Hillside Ordinance Comprehensive Guide


For Development Updates:

Harvard Westlake proposal for parking structure: Go to Save Coldwater Canyon.

Weddington Golf and Tennis: Go to Save LA River Open Space.


Are You Affected By Developments In Your Area? Get Information!

Any interested resident stakeholder can review current applications for development and request hearing notices. As a resident, you may review application files and attend public hearings for all developments within the City of Los Angeles. You may make an appointment to review the files and send your comments to the Planning Department prior to the public hearings. You also have the right to receive hearing notices so you can attend the hearings that may affect you.