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What would Studio City be like without its Sunday Farmers Market? What if graffiti became rampant? What would it be like to have nowhere to park? What if the City doesn’t build any more bike paths or bike lanes?

These might be issues you think are only for government to address, but the Studio City Residents Association (SCRA), an all-volunteer, independent, community-operated, non-profit organization ensures these don’t become reality.

$25 membership per household or $10 membership per senior-household will ensure that there is an ADVOCATE so that politicians and government officials pay attention to this community and its specific needs.

It will work so Studio City gets better transportation, mobility, and parking solutions.

Ensures the Studio City Farmers Market will continue to help community and school activities and events.

Please join the SCRA today. Your $25 membership ($10 for seniors) ALSO gives you access to:

  • The bi-monthly SCRA newsletter;
  • The SCRA’s News & Notes email blasts with police advisories and alerts, community events and happenings, and street closures; and
  • Bi-monthly SCRA Community Meetings where members voice their interests and concerns to our elected politicians, business leaders, school officials and a variety of government departments and organizations.

Your membership helps us support our affiliate sister organizations: The Studio City Beautification AssociationSave Los Angeles River Open Space (formerly Save Weddington Golf & Tennis), and The Studio City Farmers Market.

Join the SCRA today and help us make Studio City the best place to live, work and play in all of Los Angeles!