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Alan Dymond

Comments From the President

By Alan Dymond


Rick Commons, President and Head of Harvard Westlake School, stated how Harvard Westlake intended to proceed in developing an Athletic Center for the Harvard Westlake   students  on the recently acquired Weddington Golf and Tennis site. His comments were made at a presentation before the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy board. Following are excerpts: the complete statements by Commons are posted on You Tube.

Commons stated “…..We hope that we can work together to find ways in which it is a win for Harvard Westlake, a win for our immediate neighbors around the upper school campus and a win for the residents around the Weddington property..  “

From the 1970’s, Schools, tennis associations, the public welcomed the entitlement for use this property. And under the new ownership of Harvard Westlake, they would like to see the entitlements continue. Commons apparently understood the importance to the public of the Weddington Golf and Tennis Facility by saying:  

 “We want to begin this process {of the change to a private athletic facility} of figuring out how to achieve our goals at Weddington in ways that are consistent with what our neighbors and other members of the Studio City community are looking to do…”

Further: “We’d like that to be a place where public access is certainly a primary objective…We’d like it to be a place where open space is a primary objective. We’d like to share use of that property with greater Studio City. In the process of making our plans, we aim to listen.”

It was learned at a meeting on December 15 that Harvard Westlake was searching for an architect. SCRA response was that what is needed is an architect who is in tune not the only with the needs of Harvard Westlake both also who we are in Studio City. The last thing needed is a “signature” architectural scheme. We are prepared to work with Harvard Westlake be involved from the very beginning in the overall design processes. This will avoid being presented with a proposed scheme at the last moment.  Also equally important, a suggestion was made that a “Charrette” be conducted. A charrette is publically conducted to gauge an overall consensus and can act as a guideline going forward.  (One was conducted under the auspices of Wendy Gruel’s office for a development on Venture Blvd.)  SCRA being familiar with the process will urge all parties to consider the use of a charrette.  It can assist in the analysis of attitudes, for conversations on issues that can be aired and dealt with.  One objective of a Charrette is that no one will feel left out of the process.

Things move fast where we need to get to the word out especially if there is a time element involved. Such as a need to call the council office, a release of pertinent developments. If you have not done so, check with the office let us have your email address.  You will get what we call are “News and Notes” which is the SCRA’s e-blast of immediate “need to know now” issues that have occurred.  

 Board Activities

The SCRA board meets on the third Tuesday each month. Members are welcome. Please call the SCRA office (818) 509-0230 for meeting time and place.

Volunteers Requested

SCRA activities: additional volunteers are most welcome. Here are some categories that may be of interest. 

  • Be briefed and attend selected meetings and report back. Initially attend several trial runs on meetings that are relevant to Studio City residents
  • Under direction, interface with offices of local political leaders on specific issues that need resolution and other city agencies.
  • Assist in the administration of SCRA website and Face book to keep current and refreshed.
  • Liaison to local schools, the Hillside Federation, the Police Activity League, and Crime and Safety committees
  • Assist in the publication of the bi-monthly SCRA newsletter. Generate sources for articles, proof read and editing.
  • Keep members informed through e-blasts
  • Work on issues in local neighborhoods
  • And much, much more!
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