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Alan Dymond

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By Alan Dymond


The latest development project for Weddington Golf and Tennis is now called the “Studio City Golf and Tennis Preservation Project” however this latest version still proposes to build 200 condominiums on the site of the existing 16 tennis courts.
The owners claimed at a presentation to the Land Use Committee Meeting of the Studio City Neighborhood council that the Condo development is necessary so they can subsidize the present recreational operations.
The “Preservation Project” will be the first phase of development just so long as it subsidizes the present operations. In answer to the question at the meeting what if the project at a later time is unable to subsidize the operation, the response was: “no further development on the property for now”.
This present proposal also has a different objective than the previous one, i.e. the “Studio City Senior Living Center”. The suggestion was to work from the previous EIR. THIS was rejected as it creates the burden of sorting through the scope and details of the previous EIR, adjusting for later amendments and the responses made to that DEIR. In response, the owner’s representative agreed that a new EIR is needed.
Approximately seventy attendees spoke in opposition to the Preservation Project. Here are highlights of comments and questions by attendees.
The applicant has requested General Plan Amendment. Would this be a change in zoning for whole site? – Response: This will be answered later.
The owners took the last 2 years reviewing the opposition comments to the first DEIR and tried to address it in this latest plan with minimal development: it is not easy for the owners to keep it open. Question: Should they then sell to the community? What is the price? Response: Answer later
The number of parking spaces are excessive. This appears to be extra parking for future developments. No response.
How does this impact the river, deal with storm water runoff, capture, reuse.
Response: Not yet addressed.
Why are they referred to as apartments: the application says condominiums?
Response: Has to do with tract map, apply as condos, allows better financing. Allowed to sell as condos at later date, building to those specifications.
What is the frontage on Whitsett Response: To be answered later
Comment: Not being honest with community: it is not a “Preservation Plan”: Bottom line is it’s about a zone change: No response.
Stormwater/recapture/cleaning water angle; the owners must talk with us about how to save for community, purchase. No response.
Will the public have open space access in perpetuity? Response: “As long as we can afford it”
Note: the hearings were held for information purposes only so no formal action taken. The next step may be a return to the committee with a possible motion by the committee but to date SCRA has not yet been advised on how the applicant will proceed.
SCRA maintains is opposition to condominiums on this open space.


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